6Music: Tom Robinson & TV Smith


Incredibly excited to receive a Twitter notification to say my song ‘English Dreamer, American Dream’ was being played on BBC 6Music last Saturday on the Tom Robinson Show. Possibly even more excited to find that it had been chosen by TV Smith as part of an extended interview with Tom. TV and I have shared bills many times over the years and he has requested I play that song more than once, but it was fantastic to have it picked out of all the music he could have chosen. Amazing. MASSIVE thanks to both.

To put it in some kind of perspective, that’s one of the heroes of my youth picking a song for another of the heroes of my youth to play on national radio. To me it doesn’t get much better and I’ll be on Cloud 10 for some time to come.

Great mention too for We Shall Overcome which TV is supporting again this year….in fact we are sharing a bill in Hartlepool on Thursday October 6th so I’ll be able to thank him in person.

Here’s the i-player. The interview starts 1hr 45 in….


and ‘English Dreamer, American Dream’ can be found here:


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