Attila 5

Very proud to announce I have been nominated in no less than FOUR categories at this year’s annual Yorkshire Gig Guide Grassroots Music Awards!
Those of you who know me will be aware that I’m pretty uncomfortable with all this stuff, but I couldn’t help a warm feeling inside. It’s very nice to be appreciated.
First one is with my brothers and sisters at Radio Scarborough! We’ve been nominated in the YORKSHIRE MEDIA OF 2016 category; then OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION OF 2016 for We Shall Overcome; then OUTSTANDING ARTIST/BAND OF 2016…..then finally, and possibly the one which warms my cockles the most, OUTSTANDING SONGWRITING OF 2016. It is always nice when the words and music are recognised by my peers as I spend a long time getting them right and much appreciate the acknowledgement.
I’m not going to ram this down anyone’s throat, and there are ABSOLUTELY MINT musical brothers and sisters in all the categories to pick instead, but Yorkshire Gig Guide are working very hard to have local music recognised and celebrated so your support would be very welcome.
You can vote for me, Radio Scarborough, We Shall Overcome, or any of the other nominees on this link.
Thanks folks x

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