‘Stolen Summer’ one last time….


Busy weekend.

Friday 17th I’ll be opening for me old mucker and punk rock legend TV Smith at The Adelphi in Hull. I’ve played with TV a number of times going back 20 years and they are always a cracking night so if you’re in the area you could do worse than getting yourself down there.

It’s special too as Danny Renn, the promoter, has requested I play ‘Stolen Summer’ a song I wrote in the upstairs front bedroom of 149 De Grey Street, about 100yds down from The Adelphi, no less than 24 years ago. It seems as fitting a place as any to finally retire it for good. Any old fans of Lithium Joe who want to see it played live one last time, you know where to find me.

Then Saturday 18th I’ll be heading for the Orgreave Rally to show my support for the push for justice for the miners assaulted by an organised police charge in front of the coking plant there on exactly 32 years ago to the day. There are a number of keynote speakers lined up and it should be a great evening of solidarity and defiance as we raise our voices to demand a full inquiry into police tactics that day.

Then the summer REALLY starts to get busy.

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