One of THOSE nights.

london 100 club js6

Absolutely fantastic night down at the 100 Club in London, celebrating 50 years of the Morning Star on a bill with Thee Faction, Grace Petrie, The Hurriers, Attila the Stockbroker and Comrade X. Feel proud and privileged to have been involved in such a momentous occasion and the atmosphere in the room was electric.

London 100 Club JS7

Massive thanks to all at the paper, but especially to Bob Oram who organised the event and who has been giving column inches to political artists up and down the country when the mainstream media have all shut their ears and decided to pretend we don’t exist. Top work, Comrade and all very much appreciated.

London 100 Club JS4

Great to meet so many friends old and new and to share such a fantastic night in such great company. Got to shake hands and hug people who ran We Shall Overcome events but who until now have been just names on Facebook. Always good to meet up and compare notes. And it is a damn fine feeling to travel so far from home and yet find yourself in a room full of friends.

It has been two decades since I last played our nation’s capital.

I promise it won’t be so long next time.



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