Protest Music? What Protest Music?


Proud to get a nod in a cracking article written by Mark Perryman on the Philosophy Football website in response to repeated whining in the mainstream media about the lack of musical reaction to the times we are living in.

Mark cites a number of incredible records currently out there disproving this fallacy including The Hurriers’ From Acorns Mighty Oaks and Thee Faction’s  Reading, Writing, Revolution two of my favourite albums from 2015.

Mark starts:

The trouble for musos of a certain age is that the rebel rock of yesteryear, from Guthrie to the Clash, existed in a popular culture almost entirely different to the one any musical rebellion of today has to navigate its way round. So how to make the connections to the past whilst remaining meaningful , not to mention musical, in 2016? “

While going on to spell out who, how and why the music scene in the UK has responded the way it has.

A great article  you can read here:

And rest assured. WE ARE ON IT.

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