Joe- Thorpe Thewles 2015

There’s a brand new interview up on the Porky’s Prime Cuts website. It was published on Monday 4th January having been sorted just before Christmas. In it I cover music, UK politics, We Shall Overcome, Socialism and the new album ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’.

The link is:

Please give it a read.

2016 gigs kick off this weekend at The Leopard in Doncaster on Saturday 9th. I’ll be opening for local lad Martin Black as he launches his new single. Later this month, Saturday 30th, I’ll be opening for the mighty Attila the Stockbroker at the Corporation Club in Scarborough. After that we have the official album launch on February 6th at Stainforth Pit Club.

Can’t wait to kick it all off again!

NBD #1

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