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After what seems like an age, I finally have copies of my new album ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ on CD. They look incredible thanks to the artwork by Kevin and Henry Pearson, and they sound incredible thanks to the brilliant musicianship and singing of Rebekah Findlay and the mastering desk of Chris Miley.

These songs aim to tell the story of the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike through the eyes of the men and women of Stainforth and Dunscroft, South Yorkshire- The Hatfield Brigade; and the album is dedicated to the community down there for the help and support, the stories and the speeches; the phone calls, email threads and loans of video footage; but most of all for their friendship. Better comrades a man could not wish to have.

The CD can be ordered from:


and it’s a fiver plus P&P. The download is set to ‘Pay What You Like’ so if you are skint just set the amount to £0.00 and the songs are yours for nowt. No-one gets left behind, not on my watch.

Long March Back

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