INCOMING!! Limited Edition ‘No Pasaran: Hull Memorial Edition’ and badge

This is the incredible limited edition badge to commemorate the unveiling of Hull’s brand new memorial to the city’s 10 International Brigade heroes.
Hull International Brigade Memorial Group and Hull and District Trades Council have very kindly donated 10 of these badges to WE SHALL OVERCOME. Together we recognise that fascism preys on poverty, and when times are hardest, its poisonous ideology spreads furthest. With this in mind I have set up limited edition bundle of a badge, plus a copy of the ‘No Pasaran: Hull Memorial Edition’ CD with all money raised being donated to Pauline Town to help her combat the effects of extreme poverty and homelessness in Greater Manchester.
Strictly first come, first served, and strictly limited to 10.
There is more than one way to fight fascism. You end the worst excesses of #ToryNeglect and you cut it off at source. Enough is enough. #FoodBankBritain is not a place to raise children able to hope and dream and thrive; it is a place where an endless race to the bottom divides communities like never before. It was exactly this process, division and hatred, that those ten volunteers travelled to Spain to fight.
No Pasaran.
Not then. Not now. Not ever.

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