Never Be Defeated- Special Edition TONIGHT!

NBD Special Edition

Officially released at midnight tonight to mark the 35th anniversary of the exact moment Cortonwood walked out and set in motion the Miner’s Strike 35 years ago tonight.
I could not be prouder of these songs, or of calling the people whose stories they tell my comrades and friends.
The strike was my political awakening. I was 14 years old. I began to question the role of government and police and media, and the answers I was faced with remain the truth I live by; that none can be trusted and none are worthy of our respect as institutions.
But it wasn’t all bad. I saw too the community spirit that inspires me to this day. I saw the sacrifices made to stand by a principle you know to be right. I saw the courage of people the State had waged all-out war on for a full year and who hadn’t buckled. And I saw their dignity in a defeat that wasn’t theirs and was utterly undeserved.
The Hatfield Brigade mean the world to me, and these are their stories, their voices, and I want you to hear them, to appreciate them, and to learn from them.
Folk music is a People’s History of the World.
This is an important chapter.
You can order the album here:

One thought on “Never Be Defeated- Special Edition TONIGHT!

  1. Joe the album is great carnt wait to see you live carry on the good work x

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