How You Can Make Songs Save Lives This Christmas.

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I have always tried to make my songs mean something more than just words and tunes.

Music saved my life.

Over and over again.

And I have always used my own to help save others.

Here’s how it is all going to work this Christmas.

    If you download ANY Joe Solo songs from Amazon, I-Tunes, CDBaby, Googleplay or Spotify the money will go to the ‘DN7 Hardship Fund’ set up by the Hatfield Brigade to help people struggling to make ends meet in the pit villages of South Yorkshire. This has been running all year and we will be making a sizeable donation to the local food bank this Christmas.
    I only sell CDs on Bandcamp. They are £10 and of that tenner £5 goes to Pauline Town who moves mountains in the battle against homelessness in Greater Manchester. Those fivers become daily packed lunches, or deposits on flats, or any number of other amazing things. Pauline is an expert in making that money stretch in order to have the biggest impact, and she is saving lives on a daily basis.
    Again they are a tenner, and again £5 of that goes to Pauline so when you bag yourself some Joe Solo songs you can rest assured that half of the money you just handed over will be helping someone within days. The other fiver? Well that pays for more CDs and the whole things starts again.

On top of that all my gigs are collection points for groceries for food banks through We  Shall Overcome, warm clothing for street homeless as part of my #SocksAppeal, and sanitary towels for my #EndPeriodPoverty solidarity campaign. I will never turn donations away, and all of them are shared according to where need is greatest.

So if you want to make a gift of Joe Solo songs this Christmas, or you want to fill a gap in your collection, then please do. You can do that knowing you might just have save someone’s life into the bargain.

You can start here:

Thanks folks x

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