Harry Leslie Smith

Harry Leslie Smith

So sad to hear the walking inspiration that was Harry Leslie Smith passed away in the night. Such an important voice in the struggle against Austerity, reminding us of a world before the NHS and the Welfare State when people died needlessly for lack of care and unemployment meant hardship, poverty, deprivation and squalor.
It doesn’t take much to read into those words the shadow of things to come if we don’t heed his warnings from history.
So today I call on all who care, all who GIVE a damn, to redouble our efforts and to bring down this shameful government and its ideological assaults on the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities, and to do that in the name of Harry Leslie Smith who endured more than most to leave a better world behind him.
Harry has passed us the baton.
We must take it.
RIP Harry. You earned it x

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