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Need your help, folks, and this is important to me so I would really appreciate it if you could pitch in.

My 2016 album ‘Never Be Defeated‘ telling the stories of the lads and lasses of the Hatfield Brigade during the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike, has all but sold out and I want to do something to honour the solidarity they have shown me over the last five years, so here is my plan.

I’m attempting to crowdfund the pressing, mastering and artwork costs of a new edition of the album to mark the 35th Anniversary of the Strike next March. The reason I’ve got the begging bowl out is that I want the album to be delivered free of overheads so I can donate all 1000 copies to the twin battles the Hatfield Brigade currently face.

To this end, if I can raise the money, every penny raised from sales of the new version of ‘Never Be Defeated’ will be split between the DN7 Hardship Fund, helping those struggling to make ends meet in the former pit villages of South Yorkshire; and the Save The Hatfield Main Headgear Campaign, looking to create a vital community resource for future generations out of the ashes of the past.

To make the new album completely independent, and to donate it in full to the Brigade, I need to raise around £1200.

The response so far has been IMMENSE and after 48 hours we have £730 so we’re over halfway there, but I would really appreciate it if you could either donate, if you can manage it, or share this blog around anyone who you think might help.

The new version of ‘Never Be Defeated’ will contain the original album plus eight bonus tracks including all three Joe Solo & The Hatfield Brigade singles, so it will be pretty special, and hopefully a fitting way to mark the 35th Anniversary.

You can donate here:

And that would be brilliant if you could.

Thanks everyone


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