Not On Our Watch: Two New Reviews

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Two new reviews of ‘Not On Our Watch’ have landed in my inbox and it’s great to hear when people have enjoyed the record and appreciate where it i coming from. said:

“On every level, Not on Our Watch is a most worthy listen and it is not just a bunch of songs by a singer wanting to be seen to do his bit, but rather, a small collection of anthems by a songwriting activist, doing far more than his fair share.”

and the Morning Star said:

“Truly unique, Solo’s songs are lessons in the true meaning of solidarity.”

Feedback has so far been brilliant and it is a joy to sing these songs live.

You can buy the CD from:

…..and remember, all proceeds from downloads are passed on to either Pauline Town, fighting street poverty in Ashton-under-Lyne, or the DN7 Hardship Fund fighting poverty in the former South Yorkshire pit villages. So you buying these songs will directly help someone in real need.

Thanks folks x

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