Wigan IBMT Memorial Event

Wigan Mem 1

An incredible day today over in Wigan, as the new memorial to the area’s International Brigade volunteers was unveiled.

Superb work from the organisers, especially Lisa Croft who ran the ceremony itself. Great speeches from Vicky Perry, leader of Wigan Trades Council, and Ian Hodson, BFAWU President; both of whom forced me to wipe away a tear.

I had the great honour of leaving a rose to remember Paul Dewhurst, who survived being injured at Jarama only to be killed at Brunete in July 1937. There being no surviving family members present I was asked to step in, and layed that rose with pride.

Wigan Mem 3

The memorial itself is beautiful and a fitting tribute to 11 brave men and one brave woman, Lily Robinson, who went to Spain as a volunteer nurse.

I sang afterwards at the excellent Museum Of Wigan Life, and was joined for a very emotional ‘No Pasaran’ by the wonderful Clarion Choir whose collected voices added a new poignancy today.

Wonderful stuff.

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