New Album OUT NOW!

Not On Our Watch low res thumbnail

The new Joe Solo album ‘Not On Our Watch’ was released on CD and download on January 1st.

As ever there is limited distribution so if you want CD copies you need to be at Bandcamp, or better still, one of this year’s gigs. If you’re happy with downloads ‘Not On Our Watch’ is available from all the major online outlets at fixed prices, but Bandcamp lets you ‘Name Your Price’ so you can get it for FREE if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Just set the price to 0.00 and it’s yours. If you CAN afford to buy it, all download money from Bandcamp goes to help Pauline Town fight poverty in Greater Manchester; and all funds raised from the likes of Amazon and i-tunes goes to the DN7 Hardship Fund helping those struggling in the former pit villages of South Yorkshire.

I think they call that putting your money where your mouth is.

Tracklist is as follows:

  1. Not On Our Watch
  2. You Take On One Of Us
  3. JFK (1/28/17)
  4. The World Won’t Change Itself
  5. Retribution Blues
  6. Now’s The Time To Rise
  7. Black Snowflakes
  8. They Could Not Break This Town
  9. Keep The Faith
  10. More Fool You
  11. Charlottesville
  12. Land Of Hope & Glory
  13. Adelante (The Ballad Of Clem Beckett)

Many of these songs have been played live over the last few months so there will be plenty you know already on there.

Please buy it. As ever, blood, sweat and tears went into it and I’m really made-up with the result. Rebekah Findlay sprinkles her magic dust on six of the tracks, The Hatfield Brigade on another, and Kevin Pearson‘s artwork makes it a proper nice package.

Can’t give you any more than that x

Here’s the link:

and here’s a promo video for the title track:

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