Christmas Hospital Run: Mission Accomplished

Hospital 2

Had a cracking day singing in Grimsby and Scunthorpe hospitals for children too poorly to make it home for Christmas; and a massive thank you to Joe Francis and Unison for making it happen.

Songs were sung, shakers shaken, party blower solos de rigueur and general mayhem ensued. It is heartbreaking to see youngsters so poorly and their anxious parents so distraught, but with the amazing NHS staff in close attendance, and a little magic in the air, you should never underestimate the power the humble party blower has to raise a chuckle.

Great day. Load of copies of ‘SWELL’, the kid’s book I wrote with Kevin Pearson, found new homes and I hope raised a few smiles long into the afternoon.

Great to have the support of Unison and Melanie Onn and Nic Dakin the two local Labour MPs who supported the event by shaking pots of dried peas as loud as anyone out there.

There are plans afoot for next Christmas, new books, union choirs and general mischief.

Can’t wait.

Hospital 3

Hospital 1

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