Hatfield Brigade Recording- “Like Herding Cats”

Hatfield Brigade 2017 Group Shot

Hopefully the above photograph sums up the spirit of a fantastic day at Central Club in Stainforth recording The Hatfield Brigade. Utter mayhem from start to finish, but so much fun I wish we didn’t have to keep waiting a year to have another crack at.

This year’s single ‘They Could Not Break This Town’ has been mixed and sent off to Strange Reality Studios for mastering. From there it will be hoyed out to the various  online distributors and available to download from 4th December.

There will also be a 2-track limited edition CD featuring ‘They Could Not Break This Town’ and last year’s ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’, but due to costs this will be limited to 200 copies so be quick. Sleeve design is by the brilliant Kevin Pearson of Vagrant Art.

Hatfield Brigade 2017 sleeve

All links will be shared as soon as we have them.

Michael Lee Toas once again travelled from Durham to shoot the music video which we hope to have for you the week before release, so please look out for that and share it EVERYWHERE!

Just as last year, all money raised by our songs will go to the DN7 Hardship Fund to help people struggling in the South Yorkshire pit villages in #FoodBankBritain.

So a MASSIVE thank you to the Hatfield Brigade: Peter Stefanovic, Leslie Moore, Mick Lanaghan, Matt Hill, Jan Pearson, Holly.J.Monroe, Amanda King, Linda De-burgh, Frank Golightly, Norman Moore, James Berriman, Brenda Nixon, Sheena Moore, Linda Curran, Elaine Robe, Margaret Bennett, Lisa Bennett, Georgina Bennett, Karen Blandford, Tracy Armstrong, Shaun Meade, Michael John Mulligan, Lyn Mulligan, Maureen Griffiths, Glynis Smith, Caroline Richmond, Kevin Pearson, Ann Johnson, Karl Lanaghan, Ellea Lanaghan, Kerry Hughes and Pete Martin for standing up when it mattered.

Please support us folks, let’s make this count.

Hatfield Brigade Recording 2017

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