#WSO2017 T-Shirt Coming Soon!

WSO 2017 Jez T-Shirt logo banner

This is the design for the official We Shall Overcome #WSO2017 t-shirt which will be available from Philosophy Football very soon. We think Jamie Walman has pulled off a blinder here and we hope you will find a few quid of your hard-earned to help support us this Summer.
As ever, all money raised from our shirts is donated to campaigns helping to tackle the effects of austerity on the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities, so your t-shirt will literally be a life-saver.
We are also ordering badges, stickers and wristbands for our events and all proceeds will go to causes locally.
All we need now is your gigs. If you want to take part it is very easy, and you will be joining a family which has so far run more than 600 gigs in 2 years, helping to raise an estimated £230,000 worth of food, cash, clothing, bedding and furniture for those hardest hit. We have been active in 135 towns and cities and want to add to that if we can.
To bring YOUR town to the party just message me and I’ll help get you started.
Bring it on x
WSO T-Shirt 2017

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