Why I’m Backing Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

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I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in the forthcoming General Election.

That won’t come as much of a surprise I know, but it needs saying publicly and I’ll be fighting for a Labour victory every last waking second between now and June 8th.

I believe the #LabourManifesto is the single most important political document in my lifetime; a blueprint for a better future for ALL of us; and I believe that is something worth fighting for.

So much is at stake here, but the difference between the two major parties could not be more marked- one is offering hope, and the other despair; and having spent the last seven years singing for dozens of causes all helping to ease the suffering of those at the sharp end of Tory policy, to finally have the opportunity to get rid of austerity once and for all at the ballot box, is a chance too good to miss.

PLEASE if you are not already registered to vote, do so. It takes two minutes and could help change the course of history.

Click on this link:


You have until midnight on May 22nd.

After that your voice will fall silent, and other people will decide your future for you.

Make sure they don’t.

I’ll be joining the #StandUp4Labour tour for two dates- Saltburn and Carlisle- so if you can get to either please do. I’ve also been singing at local party events helping to raise a fighting fund for leaflets and posters. There are some amazing and energetic people out there right now fighting for change, and I tip my hat to them all.

Like my latest album says, the future needs us now.

Please help fight for it.

Be there on June 8th and VOTE LABOUR!


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