New Single: Let’s Kick Out The Tories (For Once & For All)


I have released a download-only single to coincide with the General Election campaign.

‘Let’s Kick Out The Tories (For Once & For All)’ is available via Bandcamp on this link:

With a video here:

and here:

The single is set to ‘Name Your Price’ meaning you can type 0.00 and get it for nowt, or if you are feeling flush you can put in an extravagant total and feel proper generous.

Seriously though, all money raised from downloads will go straight to Pauline Town over in Ashton-under-Lyne to help fund her daily struggle to find food and shelter for those struggling under austerity cuts and forced to sleep on the streets.

You all know my politics so I’ll say no more, but June 8th is our last chance to stop them. We lose and Labour will be lost forever. We win and we might just save the NHS, the Welfare State and this country from itself.

In the grand scheme of things a song means nothing.

But sing it loud anyway.

You never know.

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