So much going on this week that I forgot to say thank you to R2 (Rock’n’Reel) Magazine and Boff Whalley for a lovely 4-star review of ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’. Great to have their support.
“This album sees Joe stretching himself. looking around, experimenting…..it’s never pop or rock, it’s angry verse, poetry with tunes…..Another beautiful album from Joe Solo’s shed.”
I can live with that.
Would love you to buy it too!
And here’s how to.
You can buy CD copies, stream and download from Bandcamp on this link:
and this is best for me for two reasons. Firstly, if you download then the money goes to Pauline Town to help fund her tireless work at The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne where your money goes to help make food parcels for those rough sleeping on the streets; secondly, if you buy the CD the money helps me pay for the next album.
You can also download from the usual major outlets, but they take a massive cut so I end up with comparatively little. However, what I do end up with goes to the Hatfield Brigade Crisis Fund to help those struggling to make ends meet in the former South Yorkshire pit villages, so again your money will go towards helping someone.
If you genuinely can’t afford it then it streams for free on the Bandcamp link, and all my albums are set to ‘Name Your Price’ so if you can afford more and feel the music deserves it then please feel free, but if you are struggling in #FoodBankBritain then simply set the price to 0.00 and it will download for free.
Thanks folks.
Do your thing x

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