Save The Station!!


We launched a campaign today to Save The Station. We Shall Overcome‘s beating heart is under threat from a certain industry body which sells itself as the musician’s friend and is anything but, and it being not only our hub, but also home to our Big Sis Pauline Town, we will defend it heart, spirit and soul to our last breath. For months now they have been making Pauline’s life a misery threatening to close yet another grassroots venue, but today we stand together and fight back. You come for one of us, you come for ALL of us.

Pauline, true to her big big heart has been carrying this burden alone channeling all funds raised at The Station into their usual task, that of feeding and housing the growing number of homeless in the town; but thanks to some incredible work by Gemma Louise of Infinity Initiatives and our very own Val Colvin, we have launched a campaign to rid The Station of this spectre and help our Big Sis turn her energies to what she does best, saving the world one life at a time.

If you want to help our campaign you can donate via paypal at:

marking your donation ‘For The Station’ so it can be counted and allocated properly.

Every last penny counts so please do not feel it isn’t worth donating if you can only spare a small sum. In the spirit of We Shall Overcome, it is the gesture and the solidarity that counts here, not the headlines, what matters is what we can do TOGETHER.

We will continue our fight to help those falling victim to government policy, but for now at least, we must also defend one of our own. One of our number needs us, and we will not let her down.

One thought on “Save The Station!!

  1. I shared your plight on my FB page & was contacted by a friend, who has gone through a similar experience. He has also worked with me finding finance for a Community Interest Arts studio in Glossop. He has offered to help as his local has gone through something similar & he has loads of experience. His name is Dave Hollins & he’s on FB, or his email is


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