New Album: Reviews & Radio


Great support so far for ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’, and it matters. The world is a dark place right now and even voices normally calling for positivity are being drawn into internal fighting and squabbling. Hopefully this album lights a candle for some and helps us find a path forward. That was its intention.

The first review came from the brilliant Bob Oram at The Morning Star:

“If you value intelligent, thoughtful and political songs sung with honest and raw passion and genuine emotion, then this is an absolute gem.”

That’ll do for me! Read the full review online at:

Also amazing support from radio stations up and down the land. I have for many years valued independent and internet radio as a means of getting the word out and once again I’ve had great support for the album from the bedroom broadcasters and smaller stations out there giving artists some airtime and supporting local and independent music. Also had some great support from both Mike Harding on his weekly Folk Show (‘Judgement Day’ a couple of weeks back, ‘Care Out Loud’ tonight!); and Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music who has played the title track twice in a week as part of both his Mixtape Show and his regular Saturday night programme. There are i-player versions of both on these links:

and Mike’s Folk Show you can find at:

Great to have the support of such radio legends as Mssrs Harding and Robinson, but equally great to receive messages from ANYONE out there giving these songs some airtime and helping spread their message around the world.

We SHALL overcome. Don’t lose hope.

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