2017: The Fightback Begins


This year I am shifting up a gear. I am sick of petty nationalism and poverty-hatred being the loudest voice on the planet. We are better than this and now is the time to prove it.
Throughout 2017 and beyond if needs be, ALL Joe Solo gigs will be We Shall Overcome gigs in one form or another. My #SocksAppeal will continue until the warmer weather arrives so please continue to turn up with socks and gloves and hats and scarves as I will make sure these are keeping homeless people warm somewhere within days. I will also do my best to hook up with local causes for food or cash collections at gigs and where this is not possible I will donate anything collected to the point of greater need, either here in Scarborough or wherever people are crying out for help.
My downloads will continue to feed and clothe and house people this year with all Bandcamp money going to Pauline Town and all Amazon/itunes money going to the new Hatfield Brigade Hardship Fund.
We have to start looking at gigs as something more than a showcase for CDs and a night out. People do not gather in communities like they used to, yet a gig is just that, a communal gathering of good people who by and large would not cross the road if they saw someone in trouble. We Shall Overcome has shown us the good will and compassion there is out there, and we have to expand that now to counter this horrific media narrative that we are a selfish nation of haters. We are not, and we never will be.
So please, help if you can and speak out, OR if you need help speak UP. We are not the failures, we are being failed.
We CAN do this. Our own individual efforts are no longer meaningless when added to thousands of others doing the same. So, much as one voice of hatred in the media can influence many, the opposite is true, our individual voices added up become a chorus for change. Make yours count.
My new album starts with the words:
This is me doing just that.
Please join in.

One thought on “2017: The Fightback Begins

  1. Hi Joe, I am currently organising a fundraiser for Doncaster and Bassetlaw Momentum. This will take place on Friday 27th January at Doncaster Brewery. I saw you in the show at Cast and thought you may be interested in appearing?


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