Taster Video for Miner’s Xmas Single


Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main‘, the forthcoming single I recorded with the Hatfield Brigade, has a brand new 30 second video trailer by Michael Lee Toas of MLT Productions. You can view it here:

Michael travelled from Durham to Stainforth last Sunday to shoot the video to accompany the single, and this is a quick taster of the real thing which will follow soon. A big thank you to him for all his efforts on behalf of the cause. Michael is a fantastic community film maker and he is currently involved in making a documentary highlighting people in the north east taking matters into their own hands to help make a difference in #FoodBank Britain. He also shot the ‘Man of The Left’ back in January. You can view that again here:

Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main‘ will be released on all download sites on Monday 28th November 2016. The single is being brought to you by UK Miners Pension Scheme Association and We Shall Overcome, with all profits going to a hardship fund for people struggling in former pit communities up and down the UK. It is a song by a mining community on behalf of all mining communities and showing solidarity with EVERYONE struggling to make ends meet under Tory policy. The Hatfield Brigade feel they owe a debt of honour to people all over the world who clubbed together in the darkest weeks of the 1984-85 Strike to give them a Christmas they have never forgotten. This song is a chance to repay some of that debt.

…..and if you’re going to take on the Tories, you could not wish for better people at your shoulder. The finest band of brothers (and sisters) you will ever meet.


Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main‘ also goes out to our comrades at Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. They fight on, we will fight with them.

Well, SHARE SHARE SHARE. Is the answer. Play that video and pass it on, and when the full-length version becomes available do the same. Then when the download is released, click on it and spend 79p on helping us make Christmas that little bit better for some people who deserve better than this country is delivering.

Thanks folks.


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