#Orgreave Justice


Absolutely gutted for my comrades and friends in Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign following today’s stab in the back. Not surprised that a Tory would do this, but it rubs salt in the wounds that they led us to believe some form of Inquiry would take place and then slammed the door in our face.

I have been trying to word my reaction so as not to get myself arrested, but if Amber Rudd thinks that because nobody died at Orgreave we can all just forget about the systematic doctoring of police statements (allegedly) to frame and jail people fighting for their jobs and families, then she has once again underestimated the anger and resentment of mining communities toward those who brought civil war to their streets and continue to deny justice.

I can only offer my solidarity to all involved with #OrgreaveJustice knowing they will fight on.

I for one will be right there at their shoulder.

No justice, no peace.


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