Christmas Single With The Hatfield Brigade!

Long March Back

I have written and recorded a Christmas single for the UK Miner’s Pension Scheme For Justice and Fair Play Association, to highlight their fight. On Sunday October 30th I’ll be travelling to the Central in Stainforth to record all present singing the chorus before mixing and mastering for a late-November release. All proceeds will be going to help support food banks in the former South Yorkshire pit villages.

The campaign has been taken up by Peter Stefanovic who seems hellbent on trying for Christmas No.1.

His video post is here:

but here is the text:

“Over 1 million people in the U.K. have been forced to rely on food bank hand outs to survive. In 2015 alone over 400,000 children used food bank supplies. Parents are skipping meals to make sure their children have enough to eat. The situation is becoming even more desperate as food bank supplies run short.

Our heroic Miners at U.K. Miners Pension Scheme Association for Justice and fair play are doing something about it! They have teamed up with award winning singer song writer Joe Solo and The We Shall Overcome campaign to make a Christmas single the proceeds from which will go to support local food banks and those at the sharp end of austerity!

Joe has penned a powerful Christmas song titled “Merry Christmas from Hatfield (Main)” The story behind the song how people came together at Christmas 84 to give the miners and their families, by now destitute and without food, a Christmas to remember! It’s a very emotional Christmas song so expect some tears, especially when the video is released! We also hope to raise public awareness of the Miners Pension Scandal in which successive governments have so far robbed the miners pension fund of a staggering £8 billion leaving our former miners, who risked their lives every day to keep our homes, hospitals and schools warm destitute.

We shall be recording the single on Sunday 30th October @ the Central club, in Stainforth Nr Doncaster DN7 5AJ and everyone is welcome! We will need you to learn the chorus before (we will distribute the words) and dress for men will be donkey jacket with NCB or BC on the back, pit helmit or flat cap (or similar attire) and ladies should be blinged to the max! Expect an early Christmas party! Everyone is giving their time freely for the single!

The price of admission? A single bag of food which we can take to the local food bank afterwards!

The Miners are BACK to take the Christmas NO1 for our food banks so come and support them, be apart of it and most importantly buy the single when it’s released! And please share this post!!”

I will post the song when we have a finished version, but please make a mental note to download it and help put food on tables this Christmas.

Thanks folks.

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