Happy Birthday- We Shall Overcome!!

WSO Blurred

We Shall Overcome 2016 officially launched today on what is our movement’s first birthday- May 8th. A year ago to the day Ste Goodall suggested that coordinated night of musical protest and the rest is history. Today we begin a whole new battle in earnest.

The problems faced by the most vulnerable in our communities are, if anything, worse than last year. I hear daily stories of DWP victimization, sanctions imposed on people with chronic health issues or learning difficulties and the closing of agencies once there to help. So while the anger resulting from that Tory election win, or the feel-good factor of Mr Corbyn’s campaign to be Labour leader may have dissipated, the need for WSO out there on our streets is even greater.


We have been slowly putting things in place over the last four months and we have expanded our team at WSO Central to bring more skills, nous and organisational experience into the fray; and many of our amazing event organisers have already planted red stars on our map. We have 82 confirmed events as I type this, with many more in planning, but what we really need is YOU. It doesn’t matter in what capacity- you could be a promoter looking to put on a gig; an artist looking to perform at one; or simply a punter looking for an event near you; it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that you join in and help make #WSOW16 a success.

To do this, simply join the working group on Facebook here:


and introduce yourself. We’ll help to hook you up in your area, and you will be very welcome.

WSO Speaker

The Event map is here:


And as you can see, we have gigs confirmed in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, France and the USA so far.

Please help us make WSO bigger, bolder and better than last year and let’s help as many people as we can while sending a message to government that enough is enough.

WSO Acoustic

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