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There’s a cracking review of my new album ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ in the latest issue of the fantastic R2 magazine. Giving the album FOUR STARS, Boff Whalley wrote:

“If you could assemble the perfect protest singer (using Pritt stick, some felt tips and sticky-back plastic) you’d probably end up with Joe Solo. I say ‘Perfect’, not typical. Your typical protest singer would still boast Joe’s never-say-die anger, would still strum away on a battered acoustic guitar (and bang a tambourine with a spare foot) and would, for sure, sing about the same things (the horror of war, historic strikes, defeated revolutions). What the typical protest singer may not have , however, is a way with a melody, an ear for a tune.

Never Be Defeated is an album commemorating the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike, specifically as lived by the men and women of two South Yorkshire pit villages, commonly known as The Hatfield Brigade. It tells their stories, sings and pickets and marches with them as they relive a year under siege. What makes it special- what makes it more than typical- is that the storytelling is compelling and witty and the melodies memorable.

Joe Solo had a hell of a 2015. His We Shall Overcome brainchild raised £125,000 worth of food, cash, clothing and bedding for those hardest hit by austerity and it was a delight to see him gurning for the cameras while holding the trophy presented to him at the Yorkshire Grassroots Music Awards. But campaigning aside, this album reinforces Joe’s reputation as a writer of great songs- listen to this album’s wonderful a capella tale ‘Your Honour, I Swear!’ and you’re in the presence of a perfect- not typical- protest singer.”

I’m very grateful for the support Sean McGhee and R2 have given me over the years, with Boff in particular fighting my corner. You can support the magazine by ordering copies or subscribing here:

And of course, you can order the album from here:

Remember too that ALL MONEY RAISED FROM DOWNLOADS OF MY MUSIC IS BEING USED TO HELP THE HOMELESS. You can get some damn fine songs and help save lives all at the same time.

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