WSO Ashton All-Dayer & New Song!


On Saturday March 12th I was a part of an all-dayer held at The Station in Ashton-under-Lyne to help raise money to expand Greystones homeless shelter by one extra room. We needed £800 to get the job done, and We Shall Overcome‘s biggest hero, the irrepressible Pauline Town had put together a day of music to help the appeal on its way.

Always a pleasure to share a bill with my WSO brothers Jamie Bramwell and Matt ‘Quiet Loner’ Hill, and we had an amazing day. By early evening the place was rammed and so loud that even I was quiet in comparison! In total we managed just over £700 and in the sort of fantastic gesture only a proper constituency politician could make, the difference was topped up by Angela Rayner a PROPER Labour MP and an absolute star.

So we did it….or rather Pauline and the amazing WSO family at The Station did. Greystones will now get the extra space and that’s one less poor soul sleeping rough out there every night. This is what We Shall Overcome is for. This is why it matters. We can all make a difference no matter how small, and each of those tiny changes for the better add up until we have something unstoppable.

Pauline has often described this as saving the world one life at a time. I love that.

So I wrote her a song today and recorded it this afternoon. Any money raised by sales of the download will be passed straight to Pauline to help fund her work in the community there. She is incredible, she really is.

Here you go…give it a spin:

….and if you’re in the area drop in for a pint and tell her I said ‘Hi’.

Fantastic day.



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