We Shall Overcome 2016. We’re BACK.

WSO Hull 2016 Rally Cry

Having been swamped with email traffic asking when we were getting going, we have decided to kick #WSOW16 off a few weeks early to help spread what promises to be a considerable workload. As of today we already have 33 events confirmed and counting, a fantastic response. The new Gig Guide for 2016 is at:

Gig Listings 2016

For those of you unfamiliar with We Shall Overcome there’s a page on this website explaining how we started and where we are here:


but suffice to say we are an anti-austerity, pro-community alliance of people from all walks of life, all ages, all political persuasions working to support those hardest hit by government cuts……and our events are something very special indeed.

This year we officially run from October 3rd to 9th, though already some venues have invaded the weeks either side. Please, if you want to put on an event or require information as to what to do, get in touch with me at joesolomusic@hotmail.co.uk and ask. We will be only too happy to have you join us.

The We Shall Overcome documentary by Wayne Sables is due for release in a few weeks and the trailer is available on:

If you’d like a taste of what we’re about.

This will take up most of my year from now onwards, and although it is phenomenally hard work, it is an incredible thing to be a part of, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

But WSO is only as strong as those willing to stand up and support it. We need you to be that someone somewhere who does something about it. Together we can do anything.

Join us.

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