Joe Solo CDs/downloads are being sold over the next 48 hours for a very important cause. All money raised will be passed straight to The Station in Ashton-under-Lyne, direct to the point of need in a WE SHALL OVERCOME Crisis Mission.
The reason is this. The wonderful Pauline Town​ has been trying to save the world one person at a time for as long as anyone can remember. Her efforts over the last few months have been phenomenal as her, and a network of volunteers, have begged and pleaded and cajoled their way into finding food and warmth and shelter for the homeless in her part of the world. At the moment she has two young people, Chloe and Jo, she is desperate to keep fed and warm while her network find them shelter. Chloe is 19 and a victim of abuse, Jo is 38 weeks pregnant poorly and alone.
Pauline’s big big heart is breaking trying to help them and she has run out of money. Any funds raised by sale of my music over the next 48 hours will go to Pauline over in Ashton-Under-Lyne so PLEASE help if you can.
This is We Shall Overcome on the front line. If our government is so f***ing heartless they will let Chloe and Jo slip away so save a few quid, we are not.
Please help.
CDs and downloads are available from:

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