Slight Delay on New Album

Long March Back


A slight delay at the pressing plant is holding up ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ I’m afraid. Should be back up and running by the end of next week and CDs with me mid to late November. Apologies to all of you kind enough to pre-order, but your copies will be the first I parcel up as soon as I have them here.

The download is available on this link:

and if you are struggling in these hard times fear not, each of my last three albums- ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’, ‘Left Turn on Liberty Lane’ and ‘NO PASARAN!’- are free to download. When Bandcamp asks you to ‘Name Your Price’ simply enter £0.00 and the songs are yours.

…..course, if you DO have money then a small donation to help record the next album would be much appreciated. I’m currently writing with a view to a November 2016 release. The working title is:

‘A Raised Fist & A Helping Hand’.

Watch this space.

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