#Not On Our Watch Campaign

Not On Our Watch Campaign

One of the most heartbreaking things I come across on my travels- beyond the crisis in street homelessness- are the sheer numbers of people living hand-to-mouth and coming up short. I hear stories all the time of days without food or heating waiting for wage packets or benefit payments, because the money just didn’t go far enough.

So I’ve started a new campaign as of December 2019.

‘Not On Our Watch’ is a bid to use funds raised from sales of my new ‘We Shall Overcome EP’ to help you through a short term funding crisis rather than you go cold or hungry.

I’m not talking massive sums here, as I simply don’t have them, but if £5/£10/£20 will get you through til pay day either message me on Facebook or email joesolomusic@hotmail.co.uk

I don’t want paying back. It isn’t a loan. Nor is it charity. It is solidarity with you in these times we live in, and when you get back on your feet, maybe you could think about paying it forward and helping someone else suffering as you did.

Obviously I am leaving myself wide open to being played here, but I’m hoping my trust is repayed with your honesty.

This is a genuine offer, and I mean it.


PLEASE just get in touch.