APPEALS: #SocksAppeal & #PeriodPoverty Campaign

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Alongside We Shall Overcome I run #SocksAppeal during the winter months, collecting warm socks, hats, gloves and scarves which are distributed among the street homeless of Greater Manchester during the worst of the weather. We have had great success with this, often meaning 2 or 3 car fulls per year making their way to the front line of need; so first a thank you for those amazing people who have supported this, and secondly, I have another ask of you.

As of 1st August 2018 I am starting another appeal to run alongside #SocksAppeal, but to last the whole year round.

I have been appalled by some of the stories reaching me of #PeriodPoverty and the desperate attempts not only street homeless women are forced to go to, but those sanctioned by the State or in work with poverty wages, when their bodies call.

This is a national shame and I want to try to help.

So from 1st August 2018 ALL Joe Solo gigs will become collection points for sanitary products. I want everyone to feel totally free to pass me a carrier bag of sanitary towels in much the same way as you would pass me warm clothing in the winter.

I will distribute these according to where there is need. Pauline Town has posted movingly on this subject before so I will start there, and once Pauline has enough I will look to make drops elsewhere.

If that is too much for you and you’d rather donate cash, I will see to it that this is spent on what is needed most, but I will say I’m hoping this ridiculous taboo around something which affects, and in many cases genuinely afflicts, 50% of the population can be broken, and that no-one will feel embarrassed or ashamed to help this appeal.

Let’s use my gigs to help alleviate #PeriodPoverty for as many people as we can.

It’s a big ask and such a small one all at the same time.

Thanks folks, I appreciate you reading.

Let’s do this.

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