ALBUM 2018: ‘Not On Our Watch’

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This album was written over the course of the last 14 months and covers a lot of ground. I’ll be sharing individual tracks over the coming days and weeks, but here’s a quick run-down.
1. Not On Our Watch
The title track shines a light on the media’s role in the rifts and divisions in our society, from Poverty Hate to racism and the demonisation of refugees.
2. You Take On One Of Us
A lesson in the true meaning of solidarity learned on a Sunday League football pitch.
3. JFK (1/28/17)
Inspired by the crowds who gathered outside JFK airport last January to defy Trump’s travel ban and stand with those detained like criminals inside.
4. The World Won’t Change Itself
People talk of the Americanisation of British Culture, but at present who can hold a mirror to both and see the same monsters. We CAN change it though, but only together.
5. Retribution Blues
One day we will become so poor we turn the tables on our masters. History tells us so. Some have it coming.
6. Now’s The Time To Rise
Speaks for itself.
7. Black Snowflakes
A view of Grenfell through the visor of a shell-shocked fire fighter.
8. They Could Not Break This Town
If you don’t know this Joe Solo and The Hatfield Brigade song by now then you should!
9. Keep The Faith
My tribute to the wonderful Sandra Lanaghan who sadly left us last year. I sang this at her funeral and just about held it together. Dedicated to Mick and the family.
10. More Fool You
A warning of the havoc you wreak with a Tory vote.
11. Charlottesville
A tribute to Heather Heyer, murdered by a homegrown fascist terrorist with presidential endorsement.
12. Land Of Hope and Glory
A time travelogue. This amazing country has its heroes, but many have misplaced pride in the wrong ones.
13. Adelante (The Ballad of Clem Beckett)
Inspired by the amazing play by Townsend Productions, my favourite song on the album and a fitting way to close….
“I guess what it all boils down to
Is the one lasting thing you can give
That’s your life in the fight for our freedom
To die so that others might live.”
I’m proud of this record. Do us a favour and add it to your collection.
It’s available on CD and download here: