ALBUM 2020: No Pasaran- Special Edition


The first of two new albums for 2020 is released on 21st February.

‘No Pasaran- Special Edition’ arrives on that date as it marks the anniversary of Jack Atkinson‘s death at Jarama in 1937, falling in a hail of machine gun bullets fighting Franco’s fascists in Spain.

Following on from last year’s ‘Never Be Defeated- Special Edition’, this album has been remastered, repackaged, and comes with five bonus tracks helping complete the story.

Kevin Pearson‘s iconic new artwork too, with the title track lyrics made into the shape of Hull’s new International Brigade memorial, is a thing of real beauty.


The five bonus tracks feature a Rebekah Findlay masterclass as she joins me on ‘Corporation Field’ and ‘The Fruit Cake’ sprinkling magic dust with that fiddle; the mighty Commoners Choir joining me on an acapella version of THAT song, and a choir of family members and friends of the Hull volunteers singing in memory of their loved ones on ‘To Die With Your Fist In The Sky’; the fifth track is ‘Adelante’, the song I wrote to remember Clem Beckett and Christopher Caudwell which originally closed 2018’s ‘Not On Our Watch’ album.


You can listen, download or order a CD on this link:

where you will also find discounted album bundles, t-shirts, and limited edition signed and numbered prints of that sleeve art.

Joe and Commoners Leeds

‘No Pasaran’ has been my most popular album, and I hope the new songs help finish the story of those incredible men and women who recognised the dangers long before the rest and left homes, jobs and families to fight fascism in Spain; but I also hope it inspires a new generation to join the struggles we face against that same enemy today.

La lucha continua.

Monument with ghosts