Hope Not Hate Award Nomination

Delighted to announce I have been nominated for a HOPE not hate ‘Hope Hero’ award along with a whole bunch of amazing people who have worked hard to promote solidarity in communities suffering the twin evils of Covid and poverty.

I have to admit to being a bit out of my comfort zone with stuff like this, but it’s so good for #WSO2021 #weshalloverrun and #lockdownsolidarity to be acknowledged as a force for good in the world especially by the amazing folks at HNH who do so much to combat exactly the divisions my campaigns are aimed at preventing.

If I end up getting shortlisted there will be links to vote and stuff, if not, it feels good anyway, but I must repeat, without Billy Blagg, Kevin Pearson, Pete Yen, Matt Hill, Pauline Town, Rebekah Findlay, Jess Silk, Chip Hamer and everyone who bought stuff, covered the miles or donated, things like this would never happen.

Collective Action did this.

I just banged on about it a lot.

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