Since Saturday 19th March 2016 all proceeds from sales of downloads from ALL my albums via Bandcamp have been sent in full to Pauline Town to help fund her work caring for the homeless, desperate and vulnerable in Ashton-under-Lyne.

On 14th June 2018 this was extended to 50% of all proceeds from CD sales via both Bandcamp and gigs. A £10 CD sale ensures £5 reaches Pauline.

This is something I felt needed to be done. Pauline and her team are out there saving lives daily, delivering food parcels and extra blankets and clothing; working tirelessly to find accomodation for those with nowhere to go; and as downloads cost me nothing I wanted to support my Big Sis as much as I possibly could.

My albums on Bandcamp are mostly set to ‘Name Your Price’. You can send me as little or as much as you like and I will paypal it over to Pauline who will spend it on food and blankets and be using it the day after. You can rest assured this will put your money direct to the point of need with no cut going elsewhere. ‘Name Your Price’ also works the other way, if you are absolutely broke yet still want my songs, simply set it to £0.00 and you can download for free. No-one loses out because they have fallen on hard times- you want it, you got it.

The link is:

And there you will find all Joe Solo music, Lithium Joe back catalogue, audio books, poetry….essentially everything I have spent my life doing.

On top of this, all money raised from downloads via I-Tunes, Amazon, Googleplay and the like, plus streams on Spotify is being donated to the DN7 Hardship Fund set up by The Hatfield Brigade to help those struggling in the former pit villages of South Yorkshire.


Thank you x